Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blue sunday

My garden.

Nice sunday, nothing blue about it. Just the sky with its scattered light fluffy far away clouds. Am enjoying the sun with a slight breeze of wind cooling you off. While sitting in the garden and enjoying life, i had a blue strike. I thought about the day i found a lovely set of blue stripy cool ware, (that i know all english people will enjoy to have). Found them in a fair, were being sold for 50$ . For the whole set, i thought its a good bargain. WHAT YOU THINK? is it a good find or what?. Made you a display under the 2 big olive trees i have in the garden . I hope the pictures show how blue they are. Cut some flowers for your eyes only. Not much of wild flowers here in Lebanon. Only planted. I would love to have a typical english garden. So i will stop talking and show you the pictures.


  1. Hi- although you didn't win the big "prize" in my Giveaway, I've found some more vintage goodies, and I'd really like to send you something.
    If you would let me have your address, I'll send it off to you

  2. Hi, I love your blue and white Cornish ware, I have some of it too. Lovely to find your blog.
    Ann x

  3. Great garden!!! I'm looking forward to exploring your blog more.

  4. Gorgeous! Fabulous find and a wonderful price :) They look wonderful set up under our trees. What a lovely spot to have afternoon tea , thanks for sharing, Tamara x

  5. Wow, how amazing that you have found some Cornish ware over in Lebanon! It looks so fresh, especially on a hot sunny day like the one you are enjoying. Lovely to have you as a follower!

  6. Thank you for popping over and following my blog. How I wish I was in your beautiful sunny garden enjoying your flowers and delightful table.


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