Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another christmas pictures

That's my entrance door with this wreath made
with some nice red (fake) apples, some berries
(also fake).

Entrance Tree
I have an apartment.
No big house with a garden yet.
Just a summer house.
But for the time being its a very GOOD apartment.
I have these branches in big clay pot.
I added these lovely snowmen on lovely red, green
and white bells.

My bell
Bought this window not knowing where to put it.
But it found its place greeting people when they ring.
Aren't these snowmen cute.

My entree
These santas will greet you when you step in.
While the reindeer is waiting for a hello.
You will step in tomorrow into another room
for a quick look.

P.S: Another half an hour and my giveaway will finish.
Tomorrow one lady will be a lucky one.
Will give the result as soon as possible.

Christmas is on the way

Started to put some christmassy feel in the house.
Those little persons needed a place to sit.
So what is better than this art deco chair i found in a vintage
shop and changed its fabric.

These little teddies needed a ride.
And I think the little cho-cho will take them
to whichever destination they are taking.
Is it to the north pole?

This is a nativity set that I love so much.
Its made in the philippines , and it made
from tin.
I have a thing for tin.
I have a lot of christmas ornaments made from tin.
Will show you some pictures of them along the way .

Tomorrow I am adding an extra piece for my giveaway.
It will be something related to christmas.
Hope you enjoy it.
Come along for a peek.
Tomorrow is the last day.
My giveaway ends tomorrow, so ladies come forward.
Good night.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The lovely Kirsty

I might be late to post about this lovely gift I received
from the oh so generous Kirsty from You had me at bonjour
but i had to find the right moment to speak about this adorable
If you notice I won this giveaway.
It was a magazine written in french (which I can read).
But she couldn't send it by itself.
She went and sewed me a lovely bag to put it inside.

Isn't just adorable?
I can see myself adding a book and going for a coffee.
Or a little crochet work inside.

My daughter fell in love with it.
She is trying to take it away.
I'm thinking of giving her one day in the week to flaunt it around
What you think?
Should I let her have my treasure?

Inside the bag you find the magazine.
Prima Maison, such a interesting mag.
enjoyed reading it, while having a cup of tea.

It wasn't enough that she sent a bag with the mag,
a lovely note that I will treasure .
Don't you love the line of shoes on the note.
Such a lovely card.
(as I am a fanatic of shoes, my husband complains that there is no place for his)
On top of the cake as they say I found la creme de la creme.
These just so cute mesmerizing beads.
Specially that green is one of my favorite colors.
I always go for the green color in jewelry .
This lady is a psychic.
Kirsty you made my day.
Kisses and hugs.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A find in a shop.
Just by having the photos
on these boxes, i would have
felt happy.

Isn't this adorable.
To be taught how to speak in
your own language.
What a class.

Look how british they look.

Hope i don't mess my exam.

Just imagine them hanging on your wall.
I'm thinking of adding some to my giveaway.
What do you think.
Will it be appreciated .

Ta da everybody.
(is it in the english dictionary )


100 year old cedar tree in Lebanon

On the 22nd of november
we reach 23 years of marriage
its a lot for some
and a little for others.
We had our celebration,
had our tete-a-tete dinner,
our cake with the kids.
I still feel like the first days,
don't feel like 23 years has
Maybe that is good.
Maybe it will give me boost
for the next 23 years.
Today is the first day of the coming
My long time partner next to me,
my handsome 18 year son,
my 14 year old lovely daughter.
If not for those around me,
those 23 years would have looked like
100 YEARS.
This is a LOVE message for my new friends on the BLOG .
P.S: You ladies are now included in my CIRCLE OF LOVE.

My wedding day was also the independence day in Lebanon.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Winter giveaway 3

This giveaway is growing
I hope you enjoy it.
I've added some new stuff
felt broch
local herbal soap
blue one is lavender
boxed one jasmine
The batch is growing.
Come and join .
check my older post about
this giveaway to participate.

P.S: I received a lovely package from the lovely Kirsty at youhadmeatbonjour
I will show it to you in my next post.

Monday, November 15, 2010

winter giveaway 2

I've added these two fabric ribbons.
The white one is nice to be sewed on pillows
or covers of just a plain white dress.
The second one is laced butterflies .
This one is just lovely.
Each one is about 1.5m.
I'm adding them to the batch.

I'm adding also a brooch made from felt
and handstitched to look like a muffin.
Hope you like it.
Check my oldest post to enter.
Tomorrow there will be something else.
Tried to add them tonight ,
but no luck.
See you tomorrow.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A giveaway by a birthday girl

from Sassafras Stuff
is having a giveaway
its her birthday and she
is being generous.

go check her blog.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Winter giveaway

This is the beginning of my work (or is it almost the end)?

This is me wearing the scarf after sewing the vintage clip.
Okay, don't be angry . I know its for the winner, but i had to try it.

This scarf has been made for one lucky winner.
Yes YOU LADIES (just come and try your luck)

This scarf is going to be added to my giveaway. Its been two days i've been working on it. Today I passed by a shop to get buttons and large snaps, and I found a beautiful collection of vintage belt clips. I thought that they could be used for the scarves as hooks.HAVE A LOOK.
Its two pieces and there is a hook on one side. VINTAGE LADIES!
I bought like ten pieces, will show them to you in another post.
P.S: The bundle is getting bigger, (go check my older posts about this giveaway).

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

christmas is near

Now that christmas is near, i thought of adding some hand made porcelain ornaments to my giveaway.
So hopefully some lady will like what she is getting, so whoever did not join in, you still have time to do.
If you see the ornaments they are on an old vintage album for my parents.
Do you notice the christmas tree, my mom is on the left with my big brother.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Winter is coming

My first try to hand made scarves . The first one is done by this lovely wool of wintery colors purple,green,blue and camel hues.
It work as a scarf and a head scarf. JUST ADORABLE. Its done with two needles.
The second one is crochet with a thick wool of lovely beige. I added this brooch to hold it and accessorize it . It gives it and old vintage feel.
These are for sale . If your interested, please contact me and will give you details. I ship overseas.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My giveaway

Ok,so i've seen all those lovely ladies having a giveaway.I wanted to be part of it too.
So what better way? (other than winning one). Its to have your OWN GIVEAWAY.
Its been a while i'm having thought about it, what to give ? how to go about it?
Very easy if you think about it, had a go a those lovely blogs to gather info.
And here i go. I will give something vintage (ideas from the lovely ted and bunny)
hand made stuff. and other thing that i haven't decided about yet, but it will be a
bundle to carry.

These are some of the lovely things i will give.Its from a set of handkerchief from my
These are some of the gifts you will receive among others that will not be shown.
Its a surprise to the lucky winner.

All you have to do is leave a comment and i will put your name in a hat. Followers get an extra point
(even if you are already one, you get an extra chance).
If you spread the word in your blog (you get an extra one)
Please mention it to me .

Monday, November 1, 2010

Giveaway gifts

Hello the lovely Kirsty is having a giveaway at sixty one a.
Go and have a look at her lovely blog
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