Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas is on the way

Started to put some christmassy feel in the house.
Those little persons needed a place to sit.
So what is better than this art deco chair i found in a vintage
shop and changed its fabric.

These little teddies needed a ride.
And I think the little cho-cho will take them
to whichever destination they are taking.
Is it to the north pole?

This is a nativity set that I love so much.
Its made in the philippines , and it made
from tin.
I have a thing for tin.
I have a lot of christmas ornaments made from tin.
Will show you some pictures of them along the way .

Tomorrow I am adding an extra piece for my giveaway.
It will be something related to christmas.
Hope you enjoy it.
Come along for a peek.
Tomorrow is the last day.
My giveaway ends tomorrow, so ladies come forward.
Good night.

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