Thursday, November 25, 2010

The lovely Kirsty

I might be late to post about this lovely gift I received
from the oh so generous Kirsty from You had me at bonjour
but i had to find the right moment to speak about this adorable
If you notice I won this giveaway.
It was a magazine written in french (which I can read).
But she couldn't send it by itself.
She went and sewed me a lovely bag to put it inside.

Isn't just adorable?
I can see myself adding a book and going for a coffee.
Or a little crochet work inside.

My daughter fell in love with it.
She is trying to take it away.
I'm thinking of giving her one day in the week to flaunt it around
What you think?
Should I let her have my treasure?

Inside the bag you find the magazine.
Prima Maison, such a interesting mag.
enjoyed reading it, while having a cup of tea.

It wasn't enough that she sent a bag with the mag,
a lovely note that I will treasure .
Don't you love the line of shoes on the note.
Such a lovely card.
(as I am a fanatic of shoes, my husband complains that there is no place for his)
On top of the cake as they say I found la creme de la creme.
These just so cute mesmerizing beads.
Specially that green is one of my favorite colors.
I always go for the green color in jewelry .
This lady is a psychic.
Kirsty you made my day.
Kisses and hugs.


  1. So glad you like it Nato. I think it's very reasonable of you to loan your bag to your daughter, that way she will be less inclined to steal it! And what good luck green is your favourite colour, I hope you can make yourself something for Christmas.
    Have fun,

  2. Sounds like a really lovely lady. Lucky you, the bag looks gorgeous and at least you can read it. I just have so much fun looking at the photos!

    Pam x


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