Thursday, October 28, 2010


I'm back. Was blogging around these lovely ladies, who seem to have so many lovely ideas.
I decided its about time i do something its not much. But the spirit of christmas is around
us. So what to do? These chinese lanterns needed a new face lift from the flowery bunch.
Made these two sweeties. Got me some plastic flowers from a shop with holes in the middle
been wanting to do some lovely christmas lights. so here we go had me some glue gun.
and TADA!. But i think i have to find another way. because when i light them the glue is heating
and melting back and the flowers are falling. ANY IDEAS?
I was thinking UHU or plain white glue.
Please help????

Saturday, October 23, 2010

giveaway gifts

Hello, go and follow gypsy flea market she has a nice signed book and a beautiful scarf to give . so hop in and try your luck.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My gift

It took me time to decide how i wanted
to display the lovely gift i received from
ted and bunny
She was very generous to send a gift although
i did not win her giveaway. But it seems
angels do exist.
So i wanted her lovely crochet that she
generously sent, to be displayed with charm .
they are displayed with some of my handmade
necklaces and earrings, in a glass bell find.
Hope you enjoy my pictures. Not a professional.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Today is my friends birthday, and i decided to make her
a necklace among other things she will receive, i wanted
something that nobody else will have.
I think she will enjoy the colors of these pastel pearls.
Don't you think its lovely.I love how these colors blend
with each other.
I am displaying it on a chinese lantern made today for a
customer who wanted yellow backround with blue flowers
for her daughters room.
I think i will make her a bracelet too.
P.S. she is not a blogger, but i have hope for her.

Flower order

This is a new order for a flower arrangement.
This order is from a lovely lady that is always
bringing me vases and pots to make for her
friends gifts.
god bless her for she is bringing me joy to create
some lovely arrangements. Though its fake flowers
it sure is give you the feeling of having the garden

Charm giveaway

The season of giving started so try your luck at charmbraceletdiva.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Giveaway gifts

YIPPEE, I just received my giveaway gift from the lovely TED AND BUNNY. its lovely . will show you tomorrow what I received. She was adorable for sending me her gift even if my name what not drawn. Such a generous lady. your gift will find a nice place for me to enjoy every day. THANK A LOT.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


While browsing through lovely blogs, had a glimpse
through their lovely vintage jewels , had to show you
some of my own stuff, got them from my mom and
grandma (rest her soul).
Look at this umbrella brooch, it has an intricate cross
stitched on fabric pink roses. Its lovely. Has anyone
seen anything so lovely. Ted and Bunny have you seen
anything around the lovely stuff you collect.

Lovely blue and red

Passed by a lovely blog, sixty one a.
She has lovely driftwood creations, which
makes you dreams of the sea and the sand.
She has huts and boats, made want to paint
her creations on canvas. Will have a go at it
and will show you as soon as possible.
Made some fishes and boat on porcelain .
Am trying to add them from my mobile.
Will try my best.
And a necklace made by yours truly.
Something blue and red.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Back to the city

The summer was over for me this saturday.
Packed our bags for the return to the city.
Said my goodbyes to the garden on a beautiful
drizzling afternoon and the chill of autumn.
Closed my windows and locked the doors.
Looked back for a final look at the greenery that
surrounded me. Had a sigh and turned around .

For the next nine month i will live in the city.
Surrounded by tall buildings and lack of green.
Will remember the garden.
Flowers and trees.
Birds and bugs.
And me with a cup of tea.

City here I COME.
Be prepared for me.
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