Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another christmas pictures

That's my entrance door with this wreath made
with some nice red (fake) apples, some berries
(also fake).

Entrance Tree
I have an apartment.
No big house with a garden yet.
Just a summer house.
But for the time being its a very GOOD apartment.
I have these branches in big clay pot.
I added these lovely snowmen on lovely red, green
and white bells.

My bell
Bought this window not knowing where to put it.
But it found its place greeting people when they ring.
Aren't these snowmen cute.

My entree
These santas will greet you when you step in.
While the reindeer is waiting for a hello.
You will step in tomorrow into another room
for a quick look.

P.S: Another half an hour and my giveaway will finish.
Tomorrow one lady will be a lucky one.
Will give the result as soon as possible.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, love your Christmas photos, the little snowmen in the window look so cute! Can you believe xmas is only a few weeks away? My kids opened their chocolate christmas calenders this morning (one chocolate a day), they were very excited. Have a lovely day, Tamara


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