Thursday, December 2, 2010

One lucky winner.

Its finally done .
My giveaway has ended.
I may be late in choosing the winner.
But better late than never.
Those are some of the gifts that are going to be sent to the winner
I am going to leave some to be discovered by the appointed lady.
So after she receives them, will post some pictures.

The names are in this christmas bowl.
Isn't lovely.
I had my daughter choose the paper.
So its really by luck.
I like this lady.
Was actually happy that her name was drawn.

You can see the papers inside.
Its not a machine that chose.
I prefer to have the human element.
So no more talking .
Who is the lucky lady?

Nina from Temps perdu
So Nina please send me your email, so i can get your address.

P.S: I can't help myself but two other ladies are going to receive
some stuff.
Not as big as the giveaway, but something nice.


  1. Congratulations to the winners...

  2. Congratulations Nina, what a lovely surprise :)

  3. Congratulations to the winner and its very kind of you to give more!

  4. Congratulatioins to Nina - what a lovely gift to receive. :)

  5. I can´t believe I am so lucky!!!! Thank you so much dear sweet Nato. Thank you!!!!

  6. I was so excited I forgot to leave my e-mail:

    Warm regards, hugs and many many kisses dear Nato!

  7. Hi, and thanks for visiting.xx

  8. Hi, found your page while looking for patterns. I am in a transitional phase from work as a nurse, to college again, to finding what I really love, and that is sewing, I think your art and kindness remind me of bohemian!


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