Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My hand at dahlia flower

My hand at dahlia flower.
I wanted to do some headbands .
What could have been more appropriate than a dahlia flower.
You could find this tutorial at Holidash by the lovely Megan Reardon.
Her tutorial could'nt have been made easier.
It took some time I assure you.
And some fingers burned.
But the result is delightful .
This picture does not give them credit.
I love the turquoise color.

My daughter trying one of my flowers in purple.
I just love them.

This one is the same as the above but with a flash.
You can feel the change of color.

These one I made as brooches .
As they were made for originally .
The grey one did it with only two row of petals.
The yellow one is more flat than the other ones.
Maybe because its my first attempt.

I added a brooch pin and a hair pin.
Covered them with felt for neatness.
And so I don't have to sew anything.


  1. WOW! They are really lovely.
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog last week.
    Anne xx

  2. These are lovely. Thank you for the comment on my blog. I would love to send you an angel if you contact me by e mail with your address (it is on my blog). :O)))))

  3. They are really lovely, clever you. Thank you for the comment about my scarf, the yarn is great to work with isn't it? Looking forward to seeing your finished product.



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