Monday, December 20, 2010

A candle for Jane

This is a candle for Jane from My pear tree house.
I heard about her troubles from Bayside road.
I don't know her, was not a follower, but am now.
I am sending her a prayer and a warm hug.
Please join me so we can show her our support.
This candle is your light through these dark night.
Hope to lead you to safe port.

P.S.: sorry to put a picture with the logo on, it says free.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

christmas glass

Newly bought glass trees.
Made a huge investment in these lovely ornaments.

Aren't these mushrooms just delicious.
I couldn't resist them.
Would you?
I don't think so.
I think you would have opened the piggy bank,
just so you can see them sparkling.

Graceful .

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My hand at dahlia flower

My hand at dahlia flower.
I wanted to do some headbands .
What could have been more appropriate than a dahlia flower.
You could find this tutorial at Holidash by the lovely Megan Reardon.
Her tutorial could'nt have been made easier.
It took some time I assure you.
And some fingers burned.
But the result is delightful .
This picture does not give them credit.
I love the turquoise color.

My daughter trying one of my flowers in purple.
I just love them.

This one is the same as the above but with a flash.
You can feel the change of color.

These one I made as brooches .
As they were made for originally .
The grey one did it with only two row of petals.
The yellow one is more flat than the other ones.
Maybe because its my first attempt.

I added a brooch pin and a hair pin.
Covered them with felt for neatness.
And so I don't have to sew anything.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas balcony

My balcony got its own christmas tree.
How wonderful is that?
I added a santa's hat on top of the tree
with this coca cola bear.
I just adore anything that is related to coca cola.
Can't seem to find anything vintage here in Lebanon.
It a shame. I see all these blogs with vintage coca cola.
And I feel jealous.

This garden bench has those ikea cushion covers.
I bought some jacinth bulb yesterday and added them
in a wooden container painted and glued some amaryllis napkins.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Musical Wreath

Musical Wreath.
I found this tutorial for this wreath on u tube.
Started it one week ago.
Did everything but the middle.
Had a shortage of ideas for it.

Kept bumping into it.
Decided it was about time to finish it.

Painted an ikea frame.
Added a sheet of music inside.
After gluing angels on it.(napkins)
A champagne colored ribbon,some grapes.
And it was done.

Colored Tea Cups.
We have these little tea cups with small dishes
in my country.
I decided to paint them.
Went for the gold color.

What you think aren't they lovely.
Have a cup of tea with a cookie on the side.


christmas countdown

My christmas tree.
Still with no ornaments on.
But with lights.
Added some red ones to the lot.
Will show you when its finished.

My sleeping cat.

This one is the best cat.
He never pees.
He never scratch nor bites.
He doesn't bother me to open the door
of the toilet to drink from the toilet seat.
Is it natural for a cat to drink from the toilet seat.
or is it a dog thing?

Well can't complain.
But where is the real one hiding?
For sure under the tree.
Or is it with the santa.

Isn't hiding on top of the post.
Sneaky cat.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Porcelain baubles

Who could have thought you could make your own batch.
I tried my hand at it.
With the help of my friend Laura (not a blogger yet).
This is what we came up with.

I put them on a scarf i just finished.

I had this crochet doily .
I printed it on the porcelain, then cut it as a circle.
It actually came out so beautifull.
I don't know if the picture are giving it its credit.
I added a rhinestone in the middle, to give it some flair.

This one is another design.
I don't know why it give me the impression of the sea.

These two were made for my friend's children.
Alex and Celine.
Car and gingerbread cut out.
Aren't they cute.

These gingerbread porcelain .
Stamped Noel on them.

I've taken these ideas from a talented lady .
I don't seem to remember her name or where i found her blog.
But will try to find it, so you can go and check her designs.
One special lady is going to have some of the ornaments .
Hope she will like them.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

One lucky winner.

Its finally done .
My giveaway has ended.
I may be late in choosing the winner.
But better late than never.
Those are some of the gifts that are going to be sent to the winner
I am going to leave some to be discovered by the appointed lady.
So after she receives them, will post some pictures.

The names are in this christmas bowl.
Isn't lovely.
I had my daughter choose the paper.
So its really by luck.
I like this lady.
Was actually happy that her name was drawn.

You can see the papers inside.
Its not a machine that chose.
I prefer to have the human element.
So no more talking .
Who is the lucky lady?

Nina from Temps perdu
So Nina please send me your email, so i can get your address.

P.S: I can't help myself but two other ladies are going to receive
some stuff.
Not as big as the giveaway, but something nice.

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